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Product Detail:

The cooling mist fan utilizes high-pressure pump to produce high-pressure water. Volume of mist whose drop's diameter is about 10um sprays out from the nozzles, and it can float in the air by the airflow of the fan. By this means, it is excellent to cool surrounding atmosphere and also to increase the humidify of the atmosphere. It can lower the surrounding temperature about 3~6 centigrade dgrees.

Our cooling mist fans can be used both outdoor and indoor. They are very nice to be used in playground, scenic zone, green house, workshop, outdoor restaurant, market, farmhouse and other dry and hot places.

A complete set consists of high compressor,spraying system and fan. One high-pressure pump can be equipped with one fan, but also with several fans up to 6. Therefore, we have two types of cooling mist fan, one is single cooling mist fan(Stand type) and the other is workgroup cooling mist fan(Wall mounted type).

1.single cooling mist fan is one high-pressure pump for one fan. It can moverable with rollers under the water tank.

Model No: MSF-50 MSF-60 MSF-65 MSF-75
Size for fan: 500mm(20") 600mm(24") 650mm(26") 750mm(30")
Voltage/Frequency: 110V/220V 50/60HZ
Power for fan:500mm 130W;600mm 150W;650mm 230W;750mm 380W
Rotating speed:1400RPM
Maxinum height for complete unit: 2300mm
Mininum height for complete unit:1900mm
Working pressure: 45KGF/CM2
Nozzels for spraying ring: 3PCS(but can be fix maxinum 6nozzles in a ring)
Input power: 750W, 4.8A
Total weigth: 80KG
Water flow: 16L/H

1. Two filters inside compressor;
2.when the water is used up, the pump will be switched off automatically by water sensor but the fan can keep working.
3. Oscillating fan;
4.Height adjustable;
5. 3 nozzels fixed in the copper misting rings
6.Have a water tank can stored 50liters of water.When water is full,can work 8hours.
7.Container Loading quantity: 1*40FCL  140SETS

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