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Ventilation fan supplies by Xinhua ventilation equipment co. ltd

Welcome to Xinhua ventilation equipment co. ltd website!

Xinhua ventilation equipment company ltd., is estabilished in 1956, and located in Baiyun district of Guangzhou, covers an area of 20,000 square meter with over 100 employees.

We specialize in the supply and manufacture of local and overseas Exhaust Ventilation products (DUCT FAN, JET FAN, INDUSTRIAL FAN,ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT SUPPORTING FAN and EXPLOSION PROOF FAN). We have more than 150 series products for you to choose, and some products are not displayed on the website.

We widely use of CAD system, equipped with CNC plasma cutting machine, 600-ton hydraulic press machine, CNC broaching machine, CNC spraying production line. We have fan aerodynamic performance lab with AMC210 international standards.

We have a number of the integrity of the domestic and foreign customers, and their long-term friendly cooperation is proof of our quality, hope you can find suitable and quality products is our desire.

In China, our products widely used in the following projects:
1. Guangzhou University City
2. Guangzhou Toyota automobile manufacturing plant
3. Guangzhou Coca-Cola production plant
4. Guangzhou Pepsi-Cola production plant
5. Atotech(GZ) Chemicals Ltd.,
6. Guangzhou Wanli Rubber Tire Co., Ltd.
7. Jabil Circuit Co., Ltd.
8. Erie Anda Electronics Co., Ltd.
9. Guangzhou Power Authority
10. Shunde Midea Group workshop
11. Shenzhen Nobuyasu Optical Co., Ltd.
12. Caf¨¦ De Coral chain
13. Mcdonald¡¯s storehouse
14. Baiyun Airport substation

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